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Get involved

From time to time we attempt to organise real life meetings, these will be heavily promoted on the front page.

Online we maintain a set of mailing lists, and Internet relay chat channels.


DFEY - #dfey on freenode (Web chat)
North West - #dfey-nw on freenode (Web chat)
South East - #dfey-se on freenode (Web chat)
South West - #dfey-sw on freenode (Web chat)

Mailing lists

DFEY Discussion (InformationMailman Archives)
North West Discussion (InformationNabble ArchivesMailman Archives)
North West Administration (InformationMailman Archives)
South East Discussion (InformationMailman Archives)
South West Discussion (InformationMailman Archives)

Social networking

DFEY Group
North West Facebook Group
North West Group
South East Facebook Group
South East Group
South West Facebook Group
South west Group