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DFEY is organised into branches to make our activities more relevant. Currently there are three: North West, the original branch; South East; and South West. If your area is not covered then feel free to get in touch with us and start one for your area - we'd be happy to assist you.

The wiki page gives contact details for individual branches. However below is more info for various branches.

If you want to look at a list of members, go to: /wiki/Members

(the main branch of the group)
IRC: #dfey-nw on

This is not an official branch, as of yet, more a gathering of members!

IRC: #dfey-sw on

Recently formed, so far there are about 84 (figure based on facebook group) people spread out over what is a very large area. Links have been formed with the Devon and Cornwall Linux user group . They meet once a month in Paignton, Details are on the site as the exact date can vary depending on various factors.

Members of DFEY are more than welcome at DCLUG meetings however ideally you should, in the first instance come with a parent and or a friend. Internet safety is a big concern these days. If you have friends who have similar interests then why not join dfey together. That way you at least know the people you are communicating with in real life.

If possible contact your youth worker and mention the group and see if we can get the group promoted more.

Current projects that the dclug members in Torbay are working on are:
Setting up a LTSP ubuntu network at the lighthouse music hub, in Paignton on Esplanade Road, If any young people want to help the are welcome.

Please sign up to the south west list as I am trying to get members of the lug to post and discuss on the south west discussion list (easier than remembering to hit reply all).

I think if both the members of the dclug and the young people dfey is aimed at have a common consenus to promote open source,, then we could really work together on this so all efforts are co-ordinated and each of us use our perhaps unuique skills, qualities, and contacts to ensure any effort is to maximum effect. Ideas welcome on anything.

IRC: #dfey-se on